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In Saudi Arabia, separate entrances for men and women will no longer be required in restaurants

Saudi Arabia will no longer require men and women to enter restaurants through separate entrances, authorities said. So far, it has been mandatory for restaurants to have separate entrances for families and women and separate entrances for men who came there alone.

The requirement for separate entrances for women and men, which will no longer be compulsory, has, as reported by the BBC, been quietly eliminated by many restaurants and no longer required such practices.On Sunday, authorities also announced that restaurants no longer have separate entrances for women and men. Now every business will be able to decide whether or not to continue with this practice.

In Saudi Arabia, gender-sharing rules seem to be slowly loosening for a year now. Since taking power in 2017, Mohammed bin Salman has taken some steps towards opening an extremely closed company. In 2018, they thus overturned the decades-long driving ban on women.

The situation of women remains a concern

Activists point out that despite some changes, the status of women remains a concern and that there are still many laws in the country that are discriminatory against women. Many well-known advocates for women’s rights have also been captured recently.

Under the strictly restrictive legislation of the Saudi Kingdom, women are assimilated to minors, so they cannot marry, divorce, travel, recruit, be released from prison or undergo surgery without the approval of a male guardian. They should also not freely associate with persons of the opposite sex.

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