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i like to blog. i know how things work. i have my perspective and i like to hear what you have to say.

Lies of politics

Politics are always lier’s.The truth in not reached them.But why they lie?Things they say are only 40% truth.The work class always believe in they lies. They say that make things better.Working class […]


Everbody want to live in peace.How many people don’t have place to sleep?This people on street have nothing.People saying they can do a much more.Can work or be helpful.I say live can […]

Money destroy world

How title.Money destroying world.Greed that rich people want more.Nature is just a field for them how to make money.Its no mercy for poor people.Large companies wash our brains with commercials and other […]

Game of live

People must hole live fight.Foor job,money, healthy, families.Its there a recipe foor good live?There is no recipe.Live is like a River.You going swimm with the river and against it.What you can do […]