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i like to blog. i know how things work. i have my perspective and i like to hear what you have to say.


All world is in war.Is the economy war or something else.Its just qbout profit.No one cares about other humans problems.Every human has a problem.Its about how is human.Or he hide problems or […]

Farmacy destroy

Farmacy is destroying us.Slow.They make sicknes just to sale they product’s.In nature are many things that can we use.Farmacy is on every corner.If you sick you want fast something that helps you.All […]

To believe

All people belive in something.I was a Christian.But today i am Christian and don’t go to church.How it’s possible you ask yourself?I tell why.If jesus learn us we don’t need stones and […]

Middle East

Whe all know it’s a few years that is there a war.Every day people dies because war in middle east.They have no money.But where in hell they get money for weapon’s?We know […]

Android or iOS

Let’s talk about phones.If have a lot money then i supposed you buy iphone.People who have not much money buy android phones.Why people thing if they buying most expensive phone that have […]